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Timbeco is a wooden house producer with a 25-year history. The Timbeco Group employs more than 130 people, and the company’s office and production unit are located in Tõdva, Saku municipality Estonia.

Our mission is to help our customers build time, economy and energy. Accordingly, we contribute daily to the development of our products and services, the introduction of new materials and the development of new engineering solutions.

We have high goals. We would like to become the leading supplier of prefabricated wooden frame elements and modules in Northern Europe by 2030. We are committed to high targets because we have a strong and professional team.

We export 95% of our products to the Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Dutch, UK, Swiss and Japanese markets. Our clients are Europe’s leading construction companies that produce energy-efficient apartment buildings, school houses, kindergartens, facade solutions for high-rise buildings and more.

Element houses: Semi-detached houses, terraced houses, apartment buildings, school houses, kindergartens

Modular buildings: Apartment buildings, school buildings, kindergartens, hotels, modular gas stations

Facade elements for hybrid buildings, high-rise buildings, apartment buildings

Roof elements

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