The creation of each building, facility and integral environment starts with gathering input. This, in turn, is used to generate an idea, to make it as compatible as possible with the client’s needs and to develop a detailed solution. This process is represented by the umbrella term ‘design work’.

Architectural design work lays the foundations for everything else. At this stage, how well the building relates to its environment, its ease of use and energy efficiency, the materials to be used in its construction and its final price for the client are defined. The rule of thumb suggests that each currency unit saved on the design stage later equals ten units in terms of extra work required and the application of last-minute solutions. Thus, to gain the best possible result and ensure that the construction process runs smoothly, you first need a top-quality building plan.

Engineering design involves construction and communications engineering and starts as early on as possible in the general design process. This ensures that all functions of the system run in unison, providing for a faster, cheaper and smoother construction process. As a rule, specific components are developed by the architect on the design team, who also picks the best professionals in the field and guides the entire design process.

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