Environmentally friendly and responsible Nordic Houses

It is a duty of every state, company and citizen to think about environmental impacts in their everyday activities and take responsibility. It can be seen that the society is moving in the right direction, however it is not always easy to find balance between environmental and business interests.

One area where that balance has been found is the sector of wooden pre-fabricated houses. Wood is a local sustainable material – the pride and joy of our state. By building with wood we support Estonian economy, create jobs and save the environment. Wood is a strong and energy efficient material that creates a warm, healthy and safe living environment. While growing, the trees save CO2, that is considered as one of the causes for the greenhouse effect and CO2 emissions have considerably increased due to human activity. Therefore wood is an environmentally friendly building material that produces houses with low carbon footprint. Timber-frame houses are already in fashion today and with choices of knowledgeable clients also tomorrow. In addition to caring for the environment, due to modern technologies wooden houses are also durable and have good quality.  

Responsible and carefully considered approach

The society is definitely worried about the disappearance of forests when we talk about producing from wood. Justified observation, but in companies, such as Nordic Houses for example, it is considered important where the material is bought from. The company is in co-operation with FSC and PEFC certified suppliers. Those certificates guarantee the sustainable management of forests. Hence, the houses are also produced by following the principles of responsible production.  

Prerequisite of a quality house is controlled material. Additionally, a wooden pre-fabricated house is produced inside, which provides a timber frame with a considerable advantage because the building is protected from climate conditions throughout the entire production process and the manufacturing process can also be controlled. That way weather risks are reduced and project’ s quality increases. Quality timber-frame house is durable and if to compare a pre-fabricated timber-frame house with houses built using other methods, the building quality and simplicity are considerably higher and environmental impact lower. 

Photo: Nordic Houses KT OÜ

Management systems and quality 

Responsible companies follow different requirements set by law. The company has its own quality management system and ascribed are the ISO 9001 and ETA certificates. In addition, the process of aquiring ISO 14001 has started. An integrated management system of the two standards assures control over processes and at the same time the mindset of sustaining environment. The client is assured that the company is working towards constant quality, therewith not sacrificing environment for the financial gain. Nordic Houses is also acquiring a certificate of a socially responsible company. All the mentioned processes help to find out where there is still room for development as a responsible company.  

Nordic Houses offers energy efficient houses that meet the strict requirements. It is a direction towards which an entire building sector has to move due to requirements of the law. Customers become more aware and know how to ask for an environmentally friendly product. Quality wooden house from a reliable producer guarantees a satisfied customer and a lot of saved money.  

Photo: Nordic Houses KT OÜ

For the community  

The sense of responsibility and caring for the environment of Nordic Houses also show in different charity projects. For example tree-planting every spring, last year a bird-watching tower was erected at Lahemaa National Park. Hundreds of bird houses have been put up into forests and parks across Estonia with the help of kindergarten and school children and soon an outside study pavillion will be delivered to Kuusalu kindergarten. Charity projects are related to the company’ s main activity and with a purpose to bring people and nature together.  

Nordic Houses together with other Estonian manufacturers of wooden houses have long ago proved that the fairytale about three piglets has to be rewritten because a wooden house offers shelter from an evil wolf as well as from great winds. 

Authot: Nordic Houses 

24.4.2017 / News