Business areas: Gartenhäuser

Hansa24 Group designs and produces mid-sized wooden garden houses, residential cabins, garden sheds, garden pavilions, gazebos, grill pavilions, wooden carports and garages. Our goal is to design affordable log cabins for different needs and tastes. In our selection you will find wooden summer houses, garages, garden sheds and other garden houses from tiny 4m² ones up to spacious 40m² garden rooms and even 100m² residential cabins. We have designed something for everybody, in our selection we have choice for clients who prefer simple and standard summer houses as well as for clients who would like to try something new and modern. Every year we add at least 20 new summer house models. 
As of 2018 we sell to following countries (through our subsidiary companies):
– Germany (https://www.hansagarten24.de
– UK (https://summerhouse24.co.uk)
– Estonia (https://aiamaja24.ee)
– Spain (https://casetasdejardin24.es
– Sweden (https://attefallshuset24.se)
– Finland (https://www.vierasmaja.fi)
In addition to countries mentioned above, we export our products to Ireland, New-Zealand, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia and China.