Cluster activities

Estonian Wooden Houses Cluster was created in order to improve the international competitiveness, raise the added value and export turnover of cluster companies through international cooperation between companies, R&D and educational institutions in the fields of joint marketing, product development and competence building.  

The specific goals of Estonian Wooden Houses Cluster are:

  • the increase of turnover;
  • the increase of export turnover;
  • the increase of profitability;
  • the increase of productivity;
  • the increase of added value;
  • the increase of the number of cluster organizations. 

The leader organization of Estonian Wooden Houses Cluster is Estonian Woodhouse Association.  At the moment, there are 25 organizations in the cluster (including 17 companies producing wooden houses).


Activities of the cluster in 2019-2023

  • Development of Estonian Woodhouse Portal – – internationally visible website with moderately professional content, aimed to promote Estonian wooden houses;
  • Publishing of Estonian Wooden Houses newspaper once a year;
  • Providing the sector and media with communication and information about the cluster and sector activities;
  • Organizing the contest “PreFab House of the Year”;
    • Prefab House of the Year 2019 contest and exhibition;
  • Organizing the Vocational Competition for Handcrafted Log Home Builders;
  • Study/trade fair visits to the priority markets of cluster members;
  • Different studies in cooperation with universities;
  • Competence enhancing events for cluster members – seminars and conferences;
    • International clusters meeting “European Partnership in Construction – Wood” (26.02.2019);
    • Forum Wood Building Baltic 2019 (27.02-01.03.2019);
    • 1st meeting (cluster opening) for project partners (03.04.2019);

Estonian Wooden Houses Cluster is supported by European Regional Development Fund through cluster development program of Enterprise Estonia in the frames of “Estonian Wooden Houses Exportcluster Project“.

The duration of the project’s IV period: 04.01.2019-31.08.2023 (56 months)
The budget of the project’s IV period: 1 199 964 EUR (incl. 599 982 EUR support)

The duration of the project’s III period: 01.09.2015-31.08.2018 (36 months)         
The budget of the project’s III period: 1 001 542 EUR

The duration of the project’s II period: 01.01.2014-15.08.2015 (17,5 months) 
The budget of the project’s II period: 185 474 EUR

The duration of the project’s first period: 01.07.2010-31.12.2013 (42 months)
The budget of the project’s first period: 344 739,43 EUR