6th Annual Summer Conference of Friends of Wooden Houses

Wooden houses sector was having an annual “Summer Conference of Friends of Wooden Houses” already for the 6th time in the last weekend of August. Participants included members of Wooden Houses Association and Cluster, good partners and other interested people.

On the first day of the Conference discussed topics included materials, equipment and engineering solutions used in wooden houses industry. There were 5 speakers from wooden houses industry who took the stage with exciting topics. The Cluster’ s partners who introduced their products included Akzo Nobel Baltics AS, Fer Project OÜ and Tervemaja OÜ, also B&B Tools Estonia AS (supportive member of EWHA) and Raitwood (AS Rait). As a guest speaker, a well-known media and communications specialist Raul Rebane held a presentation and discussed wooden houses sector’ s marketing and communications messages with the audience.                                                                      

Eeva Vahtramäe, the organizer of the conference and Woodhouse Cluster’ s Marketing and Communications specialist says that for her the most important presentation was by Raul Rebane and also group work, the purpose of which was to make wooden houses producers think about the sector’ s common communication. As a result of a couple of hours’ work, the meaning was found for the domestic imago of the sector and new communication messages were generated, something that can be stressed together later in communication. „The Cluster’ s project got some really good input with the help of Raul Rebane about how to prepare the Cluster’ s marketing materials and how to present companies participating in the project better in the future,” said Vahtramäe. 

On the second day of the Conference teams competed in making garbage cans – a project that is going to benefit the local community. All garbage cans were given as presents to the people of Prangli island and were presented to Terje Lilleoks, the island representative. Wooden garbage cans can be distributed along the island as the inhabitants see fit. Two cans found their place instantly in front of Prangli Sadamakuur – hence the need for them has already been proven. 

The best work was made by the united team of TNC-Components OÜ and Fer Project OÜ, who won the first prize in the competition. Prangli island jury also chose their work as their favourite. EstHus OÜ, whose garbage stood out with its funny look and spaciousness, was a runner-up.   

The craftwork was supported by Raitwood, B&BTools Estonia AS and ESSVE, Akzo Nobel Baltics AS and Makita

The event is annually organized by Estonian Woodhouse Association and every year in addition to Cluster member companies, all other companies active in the sector and specialists of related companies are warmly welcome to join.

Conference reports:

  • Akzo Nobel Baltics AS „Joint painting tradition of AkzoNobel and Prangli island“
  • Fer Project OÜ „”Eyes” to the house with furring”
  • Tervemaja OÜ „How cheap is cheap construction?“
  • B&B Tools Estonia AS „Milwaukee One-Key – digital solution of battery-powered tools“
  • Raitwood „Use of planed timber in production of pre-fabricated houses“


The conference is supported by European Regional Development Fund within the cluster development program.


18.9.2017 / News