Estonian Woodhouse Association`s memeber Q-haus made its first passive house

Kautokeino Home Care Centre is a beautiful example of how the woodhouse Industry can help to make the World a better place. This fine engineered low-Energy building will be home to many elders of the Kautokeino community in the cold and beautiful Finnmark in the extreme northeastern part of Norway.

In July 2014 we accepted the challenge and we committed to deliver the building before Spring 2015. The whole on-site assembly had to be carried out in the middle of winter.

You have to know that Kautokeino is a remote location in Finnmark, well above the Arctic Circle, land of reindeers and Sami people where winters can easily sport temperatures lower than -40°C.

Working outside at that kind of temperature is particularly challenging and we encountered any number of troubles, from crane hydraulic malfunctions to dead batteries in the electric tools… without counting frozen fingers and toes.

Despite the challenges (or maybe just because of them) it has been a fantastic experience.

The building has been handed over to Kautokeino Municipality in September 2015, about 13 months after Q-haus began to work on the Project.

Read the story of the building from here!

19.11.2015 / News