Contest „Prefab House of the Year 2015“

Estonian Woodhouse Association and Estonian Wooden Houses Cluster announced fifth annual contest „Prefab House of the Year“.

“Prefab House of the Year” is an annual contest organized since 2010 by Estonian Woodhouse Association and Estonian Wooden Houses Cluster. The purpose of the contest is to recognise projects with outstanding architectural and engineering solutions and to popularise building from wood in general.

All houses presented to the contest must be factory-built and accepted by the client in 2012-2015. The following criteria must be met:

–  The main construction of the building is made from wood and manufactured in a factory located in Estonia;

–  Estonian manufacturer has the control of the design and building of outer visual side.

The deadline of presenting a prefab house to the contest is March 6th, 2015. 

Houses submitted to the contest are assessed based on the following criteria:

• architectural work (originality, functionality, user-friendliness, use of materials);

• engineering work (technical solutions, originality and energy efficiency).

The winner of the contest will be announced on 8th April 2015 at the international building fair Estbuild 2015. On 9th of April  a thematic seminar for wooden houses manufactures, architects and engineers  will be held as part of the Estbuild 2015.

Contest guidelines here.

Awards by: Bestair, Monier, Ruukki, Lotus Timber, FER Project, Isover (Saint-Gobain Ehitustooted AS), Velux Eesti, Mechelin Eesti OÜ (Senco), Akzo Nobel Baltics AS, B&B Tools Estonia AS ja Ehituse ABC.






“Prefab House of the Year 2013” Akso-Haus’ and Passion House’s residential smart design house project. Architect Eero Endjärv (Arhitekt11), designer Hannelore Kääramees and engineer Otto Pukk.

21.1.2015 / News