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EstNor is an Estonian capital based company, founded in 2000. The main field of activity is manufacturing and production of wood houses. During the past 13 years we have built over 200 houses, Norway being our main export market where we have shipped over 90% of the production, followed by Sweden, Estonia and Finland. Production takes place in three house factories — two in Kiili and one in Siimusti. Moreover, we have good ongoing cooperation with partners who help us fulfill all of the orders. EstNor´s yearly output is ca 40 houses, with a total flooring about 6000– 8000m².

There are 47 full-time workers in the group, of whom 29 are in the parent company (EstNor OÜ) and 18 in an affiliate (Estnor AS).The clients of EstNor are building companies, developers, mediators and private persons. EstNor gives a five-year guarantee to all new houses, which indicates company´s certainty about their production quality.

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