Estonian Woodhouse Association

Estonian Woodhouse Association was established on the 20th of May in 1999 by 17 companies, which were manufacturing wooden houses.

The main goal of Estonian Woodhouse Association is to increase the competitiveness and export capabilities of it’s member companies through different supporting joint ventures. The complex of joint ventures include general development, marketing, vocational training activities, political lobbying and information exchange.  

The various products produced by members of Estonian Woodhouse Association are the following: modular houses, element houses, garden houses, log houses from planed and round timber. These are divided as the producers of handmade log homes and machined log homes. All manufacturers have a long term traditions in producing and are competitive in foreign markets – approximately 80-90% of total production of wooden houses in Estonia is exported. Estonia is the 1th exporter of wooden houses in EU based on total turnover of wooden houses exported in a year.