Nature-friendliness and historical reliability with contemporary solutions!

Members of the Estonian Wooden Houses Cluster manufacture wide range of wooden houses: timber frame houses, modular houses, prefab houses, machined log houses, handcrafted log houses and garden houses.

Estonian manufacturers are competitive in foreign markets and have long term traditions in production – approximately 85-90% of wooden houses produced in Estonia are exported. Estonia is the first largest exporter of wooden houses in EU!



Estonian producers are highly valued in Scandinavia and are the biggest suppliers there. The quality of our products is up to the level of those in Scandinavia, but we have the advantage of being faster and more flexible.

Renee Mikomägi Board Member, EstNor OÜ

From the outset we have had the ambition to do things very well and completely sustainably. While our direction may be adjusted every year, those two principles have remained our guide throughout our existence.

Juhan Viise Chairman, Aru Grupp AS

In construction you can make something with your own hands and it is there for everyone to see.

Arvi Uiga Director, Bauindustrie Tehas OÜ

A good wooden house and quality design are inseparable. As an architect I have a vision that in addition to being practical, we must see the building as work of art, a part of the whole that surrounds it

Mihkel Urmet Member of the Board, architectural bureau TEMPT

Estonian wooden houses are exported to more than 70 different countries. It is the result of right decisions and determined activities, into which all of employees of the sector have contributed.

Aare Roosalu Project Manager, Komforthus Eesti OÜ

Our sector is developing in line with the rise of ecological thinking around the world. People prefer buildings that have been made from natural materials.

Mikk Volkov Estonian Log Cabins OÜ, Board Member

The Cluster set a goal in 2009 to achieve the position of Europe’s biggest exporter of wooden houses. We reached that goal in 2013 and have kept the position until today.

Argo Saul Member of the Board, Nordic Houses KT OÜ

There is always a demand for homes made of natural materials. It is clear that the use of natural building materials is gaining popularity, but we must learn to use those materials with emergent technologies.

Kaljo Valler Palmatin OÜ, Board Member

Our slogan is ‘Resource-wise Constructions’. The optimal use of resources is absolutely necessary for a sustainable future—our resources include time, capital, material and nature as a whole.

Janek Paabut Board Member, EstHus OÜ

A handcrafted log house, its traditions and skills are the basics of the entire modern wooden houses industry. We value and develop it today and in future.

Andrus Prangli Member of the Board, Hobbiton OÜ

Prefabrication and modularity are becoming more and more popular in the timber building sector. Today’s client wants a full service from design consultancy to assembly on site.

Siim Leisalu Timbeco Woodhouse OÜ, Board Member

Our main advantage is our general educational and cultural background: our work ethic is high, our production is precise—the feedback we receive has been very positive.

Taavi Tuvike Vipson Projekt OÜ, CEO

We’ve noticed clients becoming more and more aware that timber element houses have good energy efficiency and that the prefabrication method allows homes to be built more quickly than the traditional way.

Kristjan Vendik Nord Homes OÜ, Board Member

Demand  for our modular buildings in the Nordic countries has increased during the past seven years.

Raul Kinks CEO, Astel OÜ

It is always possible to improve sales skills and to understand the customer needs better—to offer solutions that can satisfy both parties equally.

Martin Talts Board Member, KMT Prefab OÜ

We take responsibility for our production and consult on the maintenance of our houses years after they’ve been finished. It gives the valuable experience we need to continue improving our products.

Toomas Heering Varola OÜ, Board Member

Our focus is not on production volume but on quality.

Riho Reesar Tene Kaubandus OÜ, Board Member

The key to our success is consistency, our skilled and professional team, our use of high-quality raw materials, and our commitment.

Janek Sakkis CEO, ELH Palkehitus OÜ

We need to re-think how we compete with construction industries that use concrete, steel, etc.

Alar Anton Board Member, Finnlog Group OÜ

Our unique technology has raised the potential of construction to a new level and because the construction process and material storage are protected from the environment, quality is higher.

Jana Reitsakas Board Member, Akso-Haus OÜ

We’ve been working with local architects and see further potential in collaboration with the new generation of Estonian architects and engineers who are able to take into account the pragmatics of prefabrication.

Ahto Joost Greentec Houses OÜ, Board Member

Wood is a popular building material and it is great to cooperate with companies who love wood as much as we do.

Priit Leisalu Board Member, Mountain Loghome OÜ

Each house is unique: the logs are processed separately, ensuring the originality of each house.

Valle Kuklase Valmer Puit OÜ, Board Member

Estonia’ s strongest wooden houses producers are members of the Wooden Houses Cluster. That enables to set goals not only for our company but common visions and activities for the entire sector.

Elari Kivisoo Member of the Board, Prefab Ehitus OÜ

To stay competitive we need to invest in automation. However, even if more can be done by machines, we will still need competent and skilful workers.

Henri Bekmann Greencube OÜ, Director of Sales and Development

A goal of the Cluster is to create cooperation between different parties which would lead to development, synergy and future vision of the sector. Our slogan – knowingly into the future– also carries that idea.

Lauri Kivil Director of Estonian Woodhouse Association

Our success is based on the loyalty of our employees and especially their openness to new ideas and innovative solutions.

Reino Soots Q-haus Baltic OÜ, Board Member

Being a member of the Cluster has acquainted us with different people, projects and companies. Shared knowledge, work and contacts have led to our today’ s success

Kaarel Väer Saare Erek AS, CEO

Estonian wooden houses sector is today stronger than ever before. Activities of Estonian Wooden Houses Cluster play an important role in that.

Sven Mats Managing Director, Matek AS

We have manufactured handcrafted log houses for more than 10 years and by doing that have added a lot of value to Estonian wood. It has been an opportunity to offer many beautiful emotions and cozy homes.

Taavi Tuvike Member of the Board, Vipson Projekt OÜ

Handcrafted log houses are niche products. This niche is never going to become too big, but we can see it expanding as clients increasingly value environmental factors.

Kristjan Kruusmägi Majand OÜ, CEO

The government should introduce a CO2 emission calculator for assessing the sustainability of projects. This would change our building culture, behaviour of clients, steering the construction industry towards more resilient solutions.

Tarmo Tamm Peetri Puit OÜ, Board Member

The manufacture of modular buildings has a good level of optimisation compared to other ways of building from timber.

Kaarel Einpalu Production House OÜ, Export Manager

Estonia is the largest exporter of timber houses in Europe. There is a lot of competence and capacity here. We have long traditions in building from timber, as well as an excellent location for the Nordic markets.

Argo Saul Nordic Houses KT OÜ, Board Member

Due to increasing input and labour costs it makes sense to prefabricate as much as possible in a factory, so off-site construction is a rising trend—which is beneficial in many ways.

Kaarel Väer CEO, Saare Erek AS

The sector is moving towards off-site production, timber as a material has magnificent advantages for prefabricating various modules from bathrooms to facade elements.

Sven Mats Board Member, Matek AS

For each building project, we should start to consider all of the costs associated with the building over its entire lifetime, taking into account its full carbon footprint.

Ragner Lõbu Board Member, Hobbiton OÜ

We can re-orientate ourselves quickly according to the market situation and other business factors.

Toomas Kalev Board Member, Harmet OÜ

The key to our success is geographical location, the availability of high quality raw material, the hardworking Estonian people.

Rain Raudsepp Palmako AS, Board Member

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