Business areas: Materials and tools

Tervemaja OÜ started in 2005 inspired by idea ’’Healthy spirit in a healthy house’’.

Tervemaja OÜ’s goal is to offer people healthy and high-quality building materials.  All our products have been tested in appreciated laboratories and are recognized for safe use. It is a proof that the producer cares about customer’s health and that these products are used in both standard buildings and in buildings that have higher requirements needs. Most of our offered products are meant for wooden houses and Wooden Houses Association’s members are also using them.

Tervamaja OÜ is the official representative of the following well-known German building material trademarks in Estonia:

Fermacell Logo–  the inventor and producer of gypsum fiber board. Cement tiles, mounting accessories.

Pro Clima Logo– world’s first producer who has specialized only for airtigtness and offers everything that is essential to build an air resistant building.

STEICO Logo– world’s biggest wooden building material producer – l-beams, wood wool panels, wind protection boards etc. This system is approved by Passive House Institute.

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