Lively party on the Estonian street at the construction fair

As is customary, Estonia was well-represented at the Bygg Reis Deg construction trade fair. In addition to a large joint stand, several Estonian companies also had their own separate stands at the fair.

Reino Soots from Q-haus is doing a handstand at his fair stand. His company built an Upside down house in Estonia and they took a piece of the building facade along to the Bygg Reis Deg construction fair. “We built the Upside down house to set a challenge for ourselves. As a rule, we build normal houses that have not been turned upside down,” said Airon Voolaid, Sales Manager of Q-haus.

The producer of element and modular houses has been active on the Norwegian market for 13 years now and Norway is their main export country. Nearly 90% of their export production goes to Norway. “We have great partners in Norway as well. We signed a contract with Aker Entreprenør quite some time ago and we signed a contract with AF Gruppen in September, concerning the delivery of floor and ceiling components, as well as external and interior walls to the house built on 48 Kråkerøy,” said Voolaid.

Other participants at the trade fair

In addition to Q-haus, other Estonian enterprises that participated at the Bygg Reis Deg construction fair in 2017 included Seve Ehituse ASViljandi Metall VMT and EstHusPuitpaneel. In the F building, another 14 Estonian companies who export to Norway were represented on the joint Baltic stand.

Margit Ihlebakke, an Enterprise Estonia export advisor in Norway, told the Byggeindustrien publication that Bygg Reis Deg is a very important forum for Estonian companies and that she is very glad of how participation at the construction fair has turned out. “We got lucky this year with our location and we’re very pleased with this. We have a lot of strong brands surrounding us, which brings additional attention,” said Ihlebakke.

500 million euros

Ihlebakke and Estonian companies value export to Norway very highly. 500 million euros is the central sum in Norwegian-Estonian trade relations. Nowadays, Norway’s investments in Estonia amount to approximately 500 million euros and these investments have been extremely important for the growth of the country’s production capacity. “We are currently producing at full capacity and export to Norway to the extent of about 500 million euros every year,” explained Ihlebakke.

She hopes that the Bygg Reis Deg construction fair can be used to conclude long-term partner relations between Norwegian and Estonian parties. “It is great that the trade fair has such a central place. If it were up to us, the fair would be organised every year,” she added.

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30.10.2017 / News