Solid timber constructions (CLT and MHM)

Production technology of solid timber constructions can be divided into two: cross laminated-timber (CLT) panels and solid wood wall (MHM) panels. 

Cross-laminated timber (CLT) is excellent and versatile construction material, which can be perfectly used as wall, ceiling, and roof panels together with other construction materials. CLT layers are made of finger-jointed material and alternately cross laminated, as a result of which, high load resistance is ensured in two directions. There is always odd number of layers: 3, 5, or 7. Crossing layers provide a so-called locking effect, which will ensure excellent stability of the dimensions of the panel in the event of moisture fluctuations, and will decrease the negative effect of the timber drying considerably. CLT panels have no architectural restrictions, and therefore, CLT panels are used ever more frequently in the construction of private houses, apartment buildings, as well as industrial and office buildings. 

The solid wood wall panel (MHM®, Massiv-Holz-Mauer in German) is a massive dry solid wood wall element, which is completely free of glue and chemical compounds. Its physical and biological properties ensure constructions with excellent quality. MHM panels are made of grooved timber layers. The objective of the grooves is to achieve better thermal and sound insulation of the structure with the help of air accumulating in the grooves, and furthermore, the structure will dry rapidly in the event of water damage. Crosswise fixing with aluminium nails ensures very stable and strong structures. Only technically dried timber is used for production to protect wooden structures from pests. The uniform and stable structure of MHM® panels provides plenty of options for use.

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