Estonia’s best handcrafted log house master is Veiko Palm

Estonia´s best handcrafted log house masters tested their skills in Räpina at the vocational competition of log house builders. The competition during „Hea Kodu“ („Good Home“) days took place for the 8th time in co-operation with Estonian Wooden Houses Association, Estonian Wooden Houses Cluster and log house producers. The fastest and most skilful performance was carried out by Veiko Palm, who won the title for the 5th time. There were 13 participants in the competition.

Vocational competition for log house builders is one of a kind in Estonia where professional log house builders can compare their skills with fellow colleagues. That is especially why Lauri Kivil, organizer of the competition from Estonian Wooden Houses Cluster, is happy that the competition has achieved its form and recognition in the sector. „We organize this competition with Estonian Woodhouse Association and log house producers for 8 years already, which indicates that there is interest and will in the sector to hold a competition like that,“ Kivil adds that after every couple of years they think about how to refresh the competition by adding something new. „If during the first years of the competition participants could only use certain tools, but now, for the past two years they have been able to use any tools they need to complete the job. That definitely makes performing the job more similar to the real job in the production facility and is also more eye-catching for the spectators,“ comments Kivil.

Vocational competition of Estonian log house builders 2018. Photo by: Nogata Design

The competition is also attractive for visitors from abroad. „There were people from Japanese Log House Association and Norwegian log house building master George Fuller present at the event in Räpina.“ Kivil does not rule out that we are able to see Japanese masters competing alongside our masters at the competition in the future. We will see! 

Guests from Japan. Photo by Estonian Woodhouse Association

Together with professionals also students studying to be log house building professionals were in competition but for them, there was a different non-professional category. There were 5 participants from Hiiumaa vocational education school in that category. The students said that it was a great motivation to see masters at work and they keep studying in order to be as great.  Jüri Atonen was acknowledged as the best in that category. Teacher of Hiiumaa Ametikool Andres Veel is grateful that such an opportunity was provided to the students by the organizers. „The competition is definitely a guide and basis for comparison for the students that allows them to base their future goals according to what they see and learn.“ Veel also hopes that this format will also be offered in the future and doesn´t deny that he would very much like to see one of his students on the podium in the future.

Participants, organizers and supporters of log house builders vocational competition. Photo by: Estonian Woodhouse Association

Results of the competition

I prize Veiko Palm (EstNor OÜ) 26 minutes and 29 seconds

II prize Ahto Naruski (Saulerman OÜ) 30 minutes and 45 seconds

III prize Mario Küttmann (Hobbiton Home OÜ) 33 minutes and 04 seconds

The best competitor in the category of non-professionals was Jüri Atonen (Hiiumaa Ametikool).

The goal of the competition held by Estonian Wooden Houses Association and Cluster is to introduce and value the profession of log house builder and promote log houses and its tradition. Competition task for competitors is to make a log house corner type and the judges judge how fast and precisely the job gets done. The winner is a competitor who manages to fulfil the assignment fastest and most precisely. 

Supporters: RMKESSVEMilwaukeeRäpina municipalityAS Värska Sanatoorium.

The event is partly supported by European Regional Development Fund as part of the Estonian wooden houses cluster project.

11.6.2018 / News