Vocational Competition for Handcrafted Log Home Builders 2015

The Estonian Woodhouse Association is organizing for the fourth time on the 13th of June in Räpina the Vocational Competition for Handcrafted Log Home Builders.

The Competition takes place during the Good Homes Days festival (Hea kodu päevad). The purpose of the competition is to introduce and appreciate the profession of handcrafted log home builders. 

Every contestant can choose between three different corner types: Estonian dovetail corner with flashing, Estonian sqare notch with flashing and H-notch. Contestants will have 35 minutes to complete the task, the speed and accuracy of fixing a log will be assessed by the judges and with any inaccuracy, penalty seconds added.

Video of the previous competition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0P5UcB-2bQ

For registration please send an email to lauri@puitmajaliit.ee, specifying the name of the participant, organisation and the corner type chosen for the competition

Place: Räpina, Estonia 

Time: 13th of June 2015; competition starts at 10.00, registration at 9.00

Participation fee: 15 euros (+VAT)

P.S. Deadline for the submission of registrations is 31st of May 2015.

Additional information:Guide of the Vocational Cometition for Handcrafted Log Home Builders_ENG_2015.pdf

 Räpina is the home of Estonian gardening. Räpina county organizes annually the Good Home Festival, this year on the 12th and 13th of June. The event focuses on family homes – housing and its surroundings and gardening. The festival is featuring tips and ideas for making a good home and activities for grown-ups and children.

Read more about Räpina.

The competition is supported by European Regional Development Fund through cluster development program of Enterprise Estonia in the frames of “Estonian Wooden Houses Exporters Cluster Project”.

Last year’s winner Veiko Palm.

8.1.2015 / News