Estonian Wooden Houses Cluster was awarded with the European Cluster Management Excellence label in BRONZE

Estonian Wooden Houses Cluster was analysed according to the methodology of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative (ECEI) during May 2017. Cluster applied for Bronze label.

Observations from the Cluster Benchmarking: 

The Wooden Houses Cluster initiative (EWHC) belongs to one of the most developed cluster initiatives in Estonia and beyond. It is growing rapidly and participants are among the most competitive Estonian wooden houses producers whose products are valued in Estonia and abroad. Cluster communication and marketing activities have built the reputation in Europe that Estonia is the biggest wooden houses exporter in EU and also promote quality of Estonian wood.

If clients would like to get a quality product (house) and reliable partner then EWHC is the contact organisation where they send their request and the cluster initiative is the organisation/body from where they check the background of the Estonian producers.

EWHC provides a variety of services and development initiatives targeted main aspects of successful business development: Technology, workforce development, promotion – marketing. The EWHC serves as contact point for clients from Estonia and beyond, as well as a central point for cluster participants/members. EWHC stands for quality and all participants/members are thriving to reach excellence in quality, creativity, market development and more.

EWHC is reaching a point of »excellent cluster«: participants are competing globally, the cluster has high international visibility, attracts talents locally and internationally, it is reacting effectively to market opportunities, and facilitates growth of entrepreneurial, technology and creativity driven companies. 

The cluster is ready for global investments.

11.8.2017 / News