Estonian Woodhouse Association and Estonian Wooden Houses Cluster Academic Award

The award is given for the best academic work in the pre-fab home manufacturing field that is innovative and has practical value.

This award has been established to encourage academic research that combines theory and practice and facilitates greater interaction between students (and their advisors) and the industry. The award will be announced at the annual Estonian Wooden Houses Friends Summer Conference.

To acknowledge students who have achieved outstanding results in research and development three prizes will be given: I prize 700 euros, II prize 400 euros, III prize 200 euros.

Eligible applicants are students, whose thesis is in the field of the pre-fab house production, development, marketing or other related field and offers a solution to an existing problem; or whose work provides significant value to the Estonian wooden houses manufacturing industry.

The deadline for application is 30th June 2015.

For more information, please contact:

19.11.2014 / Uudis