Bygg Reis Deg 2017 was more successful than the previous one

An international construction fair Bygg Reis Deg, taking place every two years was held from October 18-21 in Norway. The fair offers different solutions for homes, large volume buildings and other types of buildings. Participants include material, tools, energetics producers as well as real-estate development specialists. Estonian wooden houses producers were also represented with their booths.

The fair was visited by 42 500 people which is more than in 2015. Also, the management of the fair had changed, now led by Gunnar Glavin Nybø. The goal of the organisers was to take the fair to the new era and assure its importance in renewing Norwegian construction sector.  

Enterprise Estonia’ s joint stand with 14 Estonian companies was represented at the fair. “Estonian joint stand was 174 mand well lit with an attractive design that stood out from afar,” commented Kairit Sikkal from Enterprise Estonia. „Companies were very satisfied with contacts they received from the fair, many even signed co-operation contracts. Therefore it can be said that the concept of the joint stand worked very well,” added she. Sikkal also praised the work of her colleagues who consistently communicated with participating companies and buyers. “Estonian construction seminar took place during the first day of the fair and after the seminar, buyers proceeded straight to our stand,” said Project Manager Sikkal.   

There were a total of 564 companies from tens of countries represented at the fair. Only 2 of them got wide coverage in central Norwegian construction medium – in construction magazine Byggindustrien’s web. The magazine described us with a title “Crazy party in the street of Estonians participating at the construction fair” (read more in Woodhouse Association news flow). 

According to Enterprise Estonia’ s export advisor Margit Ihlebakke, Q-Haus Baltic OÜ’ s booth at the fair is worth mentioning with its attractive and eye-catching design. “If visiting the upside down house in Tartu is already a known entertainment for Estonians, then for Norwegians this bold solution had a huge “wow!” effect.” The export advisor predicts success for Q-Haus based on their exhibition booth. “The new export star of Estonian wooden houses producers is definitely Q-Haus with its team. Their fair booth is filled with energy and it’ s cheerful – it was a fantastic experience to be there. This should definitely inspire others to be more boldly out there,” added Ihlebakke. 

According to Q-Haus Baltic OÜ Managing Director Reino Soots the result of their participation at Bygg Reis Deg was considerably more successful than anticipated. They didn’ t know exactly what to expect as they didn’ t have a previous fair experience to compare with. “We were represented at the fair with a clear direction and message – to find business clients. Supporting slogans and printed materials communicated this message as well and 85% of the interested audience was our target group.” Prior to the fair, a great deal of work was done in communicating with existing and new contacts, where we invited everyone to visit us at the fair. “Everything went well at the fair, we held many meetings and it was great to see face to face with those that were previously familiar only over the phone or via e-mail. The real benefit from participation at the fair depends on us, whether we manage to turn the gathered contacts and quotations into contracts. This we will be able to evaluate in 6-12 months time,” said Soots.

Special thank you from Q-Haus goes also to representatives of Enterprise Estonia who supported all Estonian companies represented at the fair in local media and special seminars with marketing. „Based on today’ s experience I dare make a booking also for the next one and I am considerably more knowledgeful regarding the entire organization process,“ assured Soots.

From Estonian Woodhouse Association members the fair participants included: EstNor OÜEstHus OÜMatek ASNordic Houses KT OÜRitsu AS ja Q-Haus Baltic OÜ, as visitors also Greentec Houses OÜ and Hansavest Tööjõud OÜ.

Participants of the joint stand: AMV Metall OÜ, Creative Woodworks OÜ, Haapsalu Uksetehase AS, KOKO arhitektid OÜ, OÜ Malmerk Klaasium, Matek AS, Nordic Houses KT OÜ, Novarc Group AS, Ritsu AS, Skeleton OÜ, Viking Window AS, Estnor OÜ, Wellmax Baltic OÜ and Plastrex Europe OÜ.

The fair visit was funded by the project of companies exporting Estonian wooden houses within the cluster development program at Enterprise Estonia, which is funded by European Development Fund.
27.10.2017 / News